28 August 2017


We deliver access to front line decision makers providing timely viable solutions. We reserve to the first completed submission received.

Here is a list of target occupations as well as what we won’t be able to help you with.


 Adult Industry services

 Auto machinery engineer


 Commercial Strata (Specific wording applies)

 Electrical Equipment importer

 Engineering – Sheet Metal

 Engineering – Air Conditioning Manufacturer

 EPS related risks (but capacity is limited)

 Fitness and Yoga studio chain (18 Locations)

 Importer of Luggage

 Importer or party and promotional items

 Licensed Clubs (Exc Machinery Breakdown)


 Plastic Injection moulder

 Retail Hardware group ( 6 Locations)

 Retail Vitamin store group (180 Locations)

 Retail Liquor stores (30 Locations)

 Sporting Goods Manufacturer

 Shop Fitter and Display manufacturer

 Shopping Centre/Arcade

 Single and Multi-Location property owner schedules

 Stationery Importer/Wholesaler

 Tile Manufacturer and Importer

 Warehousing Low or High Hazard



 Brothel Operators

 Chemical Manufacture (Imports, Blending, Wholesale)

 Clothing Manufactures

 Consulting Engineers (Civil, Electrical, Mining, Rail)

 Electrical Contractors

 Excess of Loss Capacity

 Food & Beverage Manufacturers Project Managers

 Food and Beverage Manufactures

 Industrial Equipment Manufacture

 Manufactures with North American Exports

 Meat / Poultry / Fish Processing

 Metal Fabrication – Industrial

 Motor Vehicle Dismantlers

 Motor Vehicle dismantlers (Excl Property Cover)

 Motor Vehicle Parts Imports

 Motor Vehicle Tyre Importers and Distributors

 Plastic moulded product Manufacture

 Manufactures of Industrial and Mechanical Equipment

 Precision & General Engineering/Fabrication of products (Expanded sublimit considered for Recall Expenses, E&O, Hook Liability, Faulty Workmanship) Minimum premium start at $750

 Property Owners – Vacant Building

 Rail components manufactures, rolling stock, signalling, monitoring systems, infrastructure

 Rail construction contractors

 Earthmoving (Civil Contractor, Roads, Foot Paths)

 Security Service Industry

 Structural Fabrication